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Fun FactNonprofit For Newbies is a minority women-led for-profit consulting company. My name is Gigi, I am the CEO. I attend an HBCU. 


I have white friends, black friends, LGBTQ friends, Asian friends. I stand firm on my faith and my beliefs, and integrate them into everything I do, in order to attract MY PEOPLE!  I believe that if what I am doing serves EVERYONE, then I am truly serving no one. (In nonprofit, for-profit, & in life!) 

I found my passion in encouraging collaboration and providing resources for individuals who would like to start a successful, ethically-sound nonprofit organization.  Last year I helped over 100 individuals start & grow their nonprofits. 

I support unity and everyone coming together for a similar purpose - serving our community.

If this company aligns with who you are I encourage you to engage with us and invite others to join our community... I believe we can all learn from each other! 

If you're ready to start your Nonprofit, but don't know where to start, here's how we can help you...

Incorporate your vision with your state 
Structure your board of directors and internal policies
Apply for 501(c)3 Status with the IRS
Find funding that fits your needs
Learn how to write grants

Have an idea but not sure where to start?