Become A Coach

We are looking for coaches in the areas of: 


Board Development 

Program Development 


Grant Writing


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Founders with 5+ Years of Industry Experience 


We are looking for coaches who specialize in consulting. Our expectation is that if our client needs further assistance, they can communicate with our network of coaches and purchase follow up consulting services. We do not allow promotion of courses, templates, recorded trainings, or any similar material in our community, however these resources can always be unbranded and shared with our members. 



NFN is offering mentorship in the form of:


-A community with Industry experts and mentors to answer all of your top

nonprofit startup questions (including weekly office hours on Zoom!)

-Unlimited access to Nonprofit For Newbies courses and templates (everything from

filing your 501(c)3, & recruiting board members, to business plans, business credit,

and grant writing!)

-Discounted nonprofit web design, logo, 501(c)3 filing services

-Local networking and accountability circles

& so much more!!

Opportunities For Involvement:


We are looking for individuals who are able to hold multiple roles within the community, but we will consider all applications:


#1 Host (one) live 60 minute training annually that is specific to your industry: 


Compensation: $100 bonus

Frequency: Annually (or more frequently as requested)


Example training topic: 

-How to engage corporate sponsors 

-How to launch an online fundraising campaign

-How to retain a strong a board of directors 

-How to start a nonprofit daycare 


These trainings will be stored in our community for on-demand replay 


#2 Answer Questions within our community 


As questions are asked in the learning academy, we are looking for experienced individuals to provide authenticated answers to our members. Our expectation is that you regularly engage in our community, however we will also tag you in industry specific questions to see if you are able to provide insight. Write a minimum of one insightful post each month to encourage engagement. This will build you as an authority within the community, and your personal profile will have a link where members can reach out to you for one-on-one consultation services.


Compensation: none 


#3 Paid Consultations

For clients who need additional one-on-one assistance, they can book a paid consultation with one of our coaches. We will charge the client $60 for 60 minutes, and more than 80% of the profits will be paid directly to the coach.


Compensation: $50/hour ($25/30 minutes)


#4 Open Office Hours 

Coach must be available for 3 hours per month (on one day) to answer questions via Zoom. Members will schedule a 15 minute consultation on the calendar for the consultant that they wish to speak with. 


Compensation: $50/hour ($150 for 3 hours per month)


#5 “Do It For Me” Services

Coaches have the option to complete verified services for a client, such as developing a business plan, fundraising plan, or program narratives. Consultants are required to pay a referral fee (10%) for all services rendered as a result of NFN learning academy. Coaches will have access to our CRM to send invoices, collect payments, share files, and communicate with clients via email.

Compensation: Priced by Consultant

Common Q&A


What about the old partnership program in the Facebook Community?


We will keep the old community active, however we will have to terminate any partnership agreements that directly compete  with NFN Learning Academy. We will no longer allow advertising in the comments section. Instead. We will redirect our members to our partnership list on our website. If you would still like to be listed on our partnership list, please indicate above.



Can I advertise my community, courses, trainings, or templates?


No, this will result in automatic removal from the academy partnership program. 



Can members contact me personally?


Members can contact you through the community. We ask that you keep all conversations within the community. Please do not upsell services to a member as a result of answering one general question. If a member asks for follow up assistance, they can request it within the community. 


What services can I offer as a partner?

You can offer our members paid consultations and services that involve the completion of a project on behalf of the client. Services must not directly compete with NFN Learning Academy  


Will I be a coach with NFN forever?

No, we work with our coaches for 3 months, and then allow a new set of coaches to join us. Those who wish to continue working with NFN will be re-considered to continuously work with us.


How do the paid consultations work?

As a member of our coaching program, you will be added to our “members only” CRM portal, which will allow you to have access to our booking calendar. You will be able to see when clients request a spot on your calendar.

What if I offer something other than consulting or "do it for me" services?

That's great! We would recommend you fill out the application and tell us more about your product or services. There are other ways that we can work together. In your application, inform us on whether your organization has an affiliate program and select to be apart of our Facebook Partner program.