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A simple, efficient step-by-step course for passionate individuals to get their nonprofit started at a fraction of the cost

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A one-stop shop for passionate newbie nonprofit founders

This hub is for nonprofit founders who need assistance starting and growing their nonprofits but don't know where to start. From startup services to website design, we gotcha covered!
Funding Research Training

Often, newly established nonprofits believe they are supposed to start with federal funding sites such as grants.gov when looking for grants. Truth is, unless you have received funding in the past, applying for federal grants can be a waste of time and resources. Federal grants are highly competitive and tend to favor nonprofits with more funding experience. Starting with foundation funding can substantially increase your nonprofit's chances of winning an award and funding your programs and services.

The Ultimate Nonprofit Business Plan

Take your organization’s ideas to the next level with a nonprofit business plan. Your business plan is your story for how your nonprofit will operate with its potential funding, support, and expenses. I’m giving you a comprehensive template so you can strategize a plan that motivates others to support your mission.

Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy

It's as easy as 1,2,3...simply plug your organization's information into our template, watch the training video to make sure you understand the policies, and present these documents to your Board of Directors to approve and sign!
Nonprofit Website Design

Your website is the internet version of your nonprofit, and is often the first impression that your potential volunteers, funders, and partners will get out of your organization. Work with Nonprofit For Newbies to capture your audience's attention and take your organization's internet presence to the next level.


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